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black house seven


It all started when…

Two kids fell in love. Doesn’t that idea sound romantic? The truth is, we - the family behind the brand - are a mix matched, hodge podge collection of experiences that has led us on a crusade of honoring craftsmanship and artisans, through interior styling and design.

I am Reagan Leslie, the more vocal (although our daughter Seven may be a close second) member of our family. I am also the Creative Director here at Leslie Tyler Design. We are a family owned interior design boutique that focuses on the preservation of craftsmanship in historical structures while also allowing our client’s unique and, often times, modern style to shine through. Here, we celebrate art in all forms. Art surrounds us, it is not finite and always evolving. It is our mission to encourage appreciation of the arts in the homes in which we reside.

Black House Seven is the explanation to what is behind the curtain. We will share the technical aspects of the art of interior design as well as a broader appreciation for art and what inspires us. We will bring interviews from creatives, constructive conversations regarding design in historical structures and practical methods of getting there.

We are happy you are here and thrilled to grow a community of thoughtful home dwellers. Let’s make art!

“The places in which we reside should be the purest representation of art”

-Reagan Leslie


Take a peek behind the creative curtain


Let’s talk about design. What is it, is it truly subjective, and what rules (if any) should one follow.


Find out how we’re shocking everyone (ok, probably not all that shocking) and not following the rules!



Find out what “taking your daughter to work” really means at Leslie Tyler Design.